Stage 2
Franchise Structure

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The Financial Formula for Franchisees > Stage 2: Franchise Structure

The structural strategy for your franchise is much more than a one-time solution, because it can help position you for long-term, tax-efficient growth for the rest of your career, and for your retirement.

This is due to the fact that the right business structure for your situation can allow you to cover gaps to prevent tax loss, create opportunities to grow your wealth faster, and open up options for retirement planning that will continue to benefit you for many years. In the second stage of our process for franchisees, we evaluate, identify and work with your current professionals to align these strategies. The objective of our recommendations is to help you grow your wealth over the long term with minimal tax and liability.

We work with you to:

  • Determine optimal capital structure and leverage strategy for long-term growth
  • Restructure holdings where needed to improve tax-efficient growth
  • Work with your accounting team to streamline strategies such as income splitting and inter-company dividends
  • Evaluate long-term goals and options for establishing family trusts
  • If your plan is todo so, plan, grow and manage the funds to acquire new franchise units

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