Stage 5
Priority Implementation

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The Financial Formula for Families > Stage 5: Priority Implementation

This is the point in our process when we switch from the theoretical to the practical, from plan to action.

Beginning with the most vital priorities or time-sensitive gaps, we open accounts and systematically implement your financial plan. As preservation and protection are the central focus of our family wealth process, this stage often begins with correcting significant liabilities like outdated wills or insufficient insurance coverage. Replacing these gaps with new financial structures is a key part of our approach to risk and opportunity.

Our implementation stage also involves:

  • Coordinating with your lawyer as well as our legal specialists
  • Implementing tax strategies in communication with your accountant as needed

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It's our belief that the wealthy approach investing in a fundamentally different way than most, and it’s this approach that we’ve designed our investment process to emulate.
Robert Tick, PFP®, CIM®, FCSI®
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