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The settlement of a personal injury claim can answer a lot of questions about the future, but it can also create several new ones: How do I ensure this wealth will last? How should I manage it so that it will support me for as long as I need it to? What are the financial options available to me?

What we offer is an integrated process for weighing your options and identifying a strategy that meets your long-term needs. By implementing structured settlement annuities in the context of a full financial plan*, we aim to help you make the decisions today that will position you strongly for the future.

We work with personal injury plaintiffs to provide:

  • Structured settlement annuities that provide guaranteed tax-free income
  • Guidance to select the strategies that best align with your financial plan* and objectives
  • Experience and knowledge in the areas of personal injury settlements and sudden wealth events
  • Resources of a nationally-recognized broker

We also offer this service for individuals facing:

  • Family inheritances
  • Lottery or gambling winnings
  • Initial Public Offerings or the sale of a business
  • Other instances of sudden wealth or liquidity events
*Financial planning services are offered through Mandeville Private Client Inc.

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Your personal injury settlement is meant to help support you when your physical ability to do so has been limited, but it comes with no guarantee. We provide the structured process, strategy and guidance to ensure your wealth lasts.
Robert Tick, PFP®, CIM®
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