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The Financial Formula for Families

Many person injury plaintiffs are unable to preserve their settlement funds for as long as they require them. Even with guaranteed income products like structured settlement annuities, it’s important to have a process for allocating the funds appropriately and staying on track over time.

  • STAGE 1 Current Outlook

    We start by looking at the details of your settlement file and learning about your current situation. This will allow us to develop a financial plan* and properly align our recommendations for structured settlement annuities, investments strategies and other options for best preserving your settlement funds.

  • STAGE 2 Financial Plan

    Before we can determine the best options for you, it's essential to understand how your settlement funds will need to support you and your family. We build a clear, comprehensive financial plan* that articulates your needs and how we plan to meet them.

  • STAGE 3 Preservation Strategy

    The funds from your personal injury claim need to last, and they should be structured and allocated in a way that best meets your particular needs, whether it involves annuities, investment strategies or a combination of the two. We define a preservation strategy that works for you.

  • STAGE 4 Clarity Presentation

    Your settlement and the circumstances surrounding it are part of your personal narrative. It's important to have a clear understanding of your preservation strategy and financial plan*. We also help you to stay on course through regular meetings.

  • STAGE 5 Efficient Implementation

    In an efficient manner, we help you with the documentation and transfers needed to implement your annuity policy and put your financial plan* into action.

  • STAGE 6 Communication Mandate

    Clear communication is an essential element of navigating a personal injury matter and implementing a financial strategy. Our goal is to keep you informed, and to keep up to date on relevant changes in your life after the settlement.

*Financial planning services are offered through Mandeville Private Client Inc.

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Your personal injury settlement is meant to help support you when your physical ability to do so has been limited, but it comes with no guarantee. We provide the structured process, strategy and guidance to ensure your wealth lasts.
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