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Communication Mandate

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The Financial Formula for Families > Stage 6: Communication Mandate

Clear communication is an essential part of working with a family wealth advisor. However, we believe the purpose of ongoing communication is not only to keep you informed, but also to help you preserve wealth values and frameworks through your family’s younger generations.

To this end, we engage key members of the family on a regular basis, and we work with younger members to help educate and prepare them for the future. Also through this communication, we work to keep up to date on relevant changes in your lives, and to make timely adjustments to your plan. Over time we help ensure that the next generation can successfully carry your legacy forward.

Our communication mandate involves:

  • Regular performance reports and plan reviews
  • Family wealth consultations with younger generations
  • Educational resources and coaching for extended family
  • Adjusting your plan, portfolio and family wealth vision as your life changes

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