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Robert Tick, PFP®, CIM®, FCSI®
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We have built our practice on certain principles, and these principles have come to shape the services we offer, the processes we follow and the recommendations we make to our clients. In essence, they are the main tenets of business owners and families who achieve long-term financial prosperity and stability: control, framework and opportunity.

Our Principles
The wealthy invest with complete control over their emotions.

That's because, when emotions take over, decisions become clouded and long-term strategies become compromised by short-term impulses. Emotional control is the best defence against unnecessary risk, and it's essential to positioning yourself for lasting success.

Our Principles
The wealthy invest with a framework for decision-making.

The purpose of framework for decision-making is to replace emotion in the investment process, and it is a key part of achieving consistent growth. This is what allows you to emulate the approach taken by the wealthiest and most successful families around.

Our Principles
The wealthy see opportunities that others do not.

While it begins with your portfolio, taking full advantage of opportunity involves looking at all other factors in the growth and preservation of your wealth. Whether you’re in a unique position to reduce tax or you have additional options to protect your wealth, taking a systematic approach to opportunity is an important part of investing differently.

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It's our belief that the wealthy approach investing in a fundamentally different way than most, and it’s this approach that we’ve designed our investment process to emulate.
Robert Tick, PFP®, CIM®, FCSI®
Investment Advisor