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Long-Term Outlook

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The Financial Formula for Families > Stage 1: Long-Term Outlook

So much family wealth is lost through the generations that it’s essential to be careful, thorough and organized from the very start. We begin by looking at your current situation, learning about your long-term goals and gaining an understanding of your family wealth dynamic.

In this way, we're able to develop a financial plan specific to your situation, which will help us to determine where the risks and opportunities are in your wealth. In turn, this will also allow us to align properly our recommendations and the time horizon(s) you have for your investments and your wealth.

The topics we discuss and clarify often include:

  • Your priorities for retirement and lifestyle
  • Your investment goals and timelines
  • The growth you want to see and any concerns surrounding risk or volatility
  • The legacy you hope to leave for your family and community
  • Your goals for your children/grandchildren and how they will carry on your legacy
  • Your current cash flow needs and profile

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It's our belief that the wealthy approach investing in a fundamentally different way than most, and it’s this approach that we’ve designed our investment process to emulate.
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