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  1. Invest with a framework.

    We have the processes and the strategies to invest responsibly, but we also implement specific rules that guide all investment decisions. This is the framework in place at all times, and it allows you to invest your wealth without the risk of emotional decision-making.

  2. Rely on a proven process.

    We've built up the procedures, the structures and the step-by-step processes to help our clients reach their financial objectives. By working through a clear process, we can help you avoid unnecessary risk, losses and speculation.

  3. Capture what works.

    Instead of chasing returns, we emulate those who have found and maintained financial success over the long term. You have unique opportunities within your financial position, and in order to take advantage of it, we capture the methodical, unemotional approach that we see working again and again.

  4. Get a clear picture.

    Communication is always a priority, especially with families. We bring multiple family members into the conversation to help you steward to the next generation not only your wealth, but also the meaning and principles behind it.

  5. Make your wealth last.

    When you need your wealth to last through retirement, through succession, through multiple generations and transfers, you need a plan that isn’t hinged on market performance. We take a comprehensive approach to wealth preservation.

  6. Follow a custom written plan.

    Strong wealth decisions begin with a financial plan. We design a custom plan around your particular needs, which works together with our framework for investing, as well as the strategies we recommend for each aspect of your wealth.

  7. Find tax opportunities.

    We know tax. From income and estate taxation to holding companies and deferrals, we manage tax so that you can capitalize on more opportunities to save and grow your wealth.

  8. Get independent ideas.

    We are part of an independent firm, and it's for this reason we’re able to provide wholly objective advice. We have the freedom to recommend the products and strategies best suited to you.

  9. Get insight from experts.

    Our comprehensive approach to your wealth involves a network of specialists, and to coordinate with your tax and legal experts. This helps us to organize and align all aspects of your wealth.

  10. Save time and worry less.

    For most, the day-to-day fluctuations of the market are an endless - and needless - source of worry. With a framework for investing and a structured process, we work to manage risk and protect your wealth.

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It's our belief that the wealthy approach investing in a fundamentally different way than most, and it’s this approach that we’ve designed our investment process to emulate.
Robert Tick, PFP®, CIM®, FCSI®
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